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TMNT: Dark Ripples Prologue :iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 2 18
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Wings of Change:Herbs and Distrust Prologue Part 4
    It had been a few weeks since Sage had joined them and gotten her apprentice name, Sagepaw. She had at first been given a mentor to make her a Warrior but after a nest of snakes was uncovered in a bush near the camp, she was given to Dapplespots as his apprentice. One morning, she was in the elder's den doing her usual morning tasks such as fetching water on large cup shaped oak leaves that fell every morning due it being autumn. "Morning, Beetail." she greets an elder who is already up and grooming silently. "Oh goodness, Sagepaw. Is it that time already?" the black furred female turned towards the sound of her voice. "Yes, it is. How's Viperleaf doing? Any change overnight?" she dipped her head in respect to the elder as she approached even though she knew Beetail couldn't see the gesture as she had lost her sight in her first two years of being a Warrior. "His coughing seems to have subsided, but he still sounds congested when he breaths. Sure as heck doesn't stop him
:iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 1 0
Angel Lifeline Prologue Part 1
    For as long as I can remember, I've always felt like living in New York wasn't the place where I was supposed to be. My adopted parents, Richard and Ophelia gave me the best education and doted on me as if I was their real daughter but it still felt like there was a hole in my heart just waiting to be put back into place. After graduating at the age of 16, I started working at my parents fashion store; where I met a couple interesting girls who took interest in me. Not because of how I am, but because I looked sad. They told me that when they saw me one day while I was folding some school clothes and putting them back on the shelf, I looked really down and needed cheering up. Piper and Jessica are the best girls anyone could have as friends, but even then; I still felt like I was missing something important. Something that would change everything I knew. My parents decided to let me move off to Forks, Washington so that I could search for a space for their expansion and g
:iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 2 0
Thel'Han Commish by AnimatronicClover
Mature content
Thel'Han Commish :iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 4 3
Keep Watch {Gift} by AnimatronicClover Keep Watch {Gift} :iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 7 2 Helen Rutherford by AnimatronicClover Helen Rutherford :iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 6 3
Mature content
Winds of Change: A Douse of Sage Prologue Part 3 :iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 1 0
Mature content
Welcome to Freddy's Chapter 1 Part 3 :iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 4 16
Mature content
Welcome to Freddy's Chapter 1 Part 2 :iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 4 13
Welcome to Freddy's Chapter 1 Part 1
      A girl is sitting in an office, her tiger ears twitch nervously as she shifts in her hair in the lobby area. She jumps up as the door leading into an office opens; a large man with graying hair looks at her and nods for her to go into the office. She walks into the office and the man closes it behind her. "Please. Sit." he gestures to a chair in front of a desk almost hidden by papers. She takes her seat, her left ear twitches as he walks by her and sits in his chair across from her. "Now then, Miss Kasula." "Kazuka." the man's green eyes narrow a little as he looks back up at her, straightening his glasses and looks back into her blue eyes. "Then, Miss Kazuka. What is it you needed to talk to me so badly about? As you know, I'm a VERY busy man." he gestures to all the papers left to be completed on his desk. "You know exactly why I'm here. I WANT Freddy Fazbear's!" she looks determinedly at him, her ears perk up as she sits up a little more. "Miss Kazua." "Kazuka.
:iconanimatronicclover:AnimatronicClover 4 11
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Attention watchers. As of today, due to inactivity and unsure of how to design the characters and such, Animatronic High is being dropped.


Recently, a dream of mine gave me an idea so I'll be scrapping animatronics and instead using some other characters. I hope you guys look forward to it. :3

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    The sun was starting to go down by the beach, turning the water almost crimson red as the ocean waves rippled on the ocean shore. A girl with long blonde hair is sitting on the sand simply watching as the sun went down, enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing together softly and the scent of the salt water teasing her senses almost as if it were inviting her in to its embrace that might ease the pain. "Lily!" the sound of a girl calling her startled the blonde and turned to look behind her as a girl with curly brown hair tied in twin buns on the back of her head put her hands on her hips then sighed in relief. "You know you're not supposed to wander off like that without telling anyone where you're going. Mom and dad thought something had happened." the brunette walked down to the beach and sat down next to her. "Sorry, Elaine. I was just gathering my thoughts." Lily looked back at the sun as it was almost gone under the waves like the ocean was swallowing it. "Look. Travis is having a party by the forest tonight. I think you should go with me." Elaine smiles at her. "Party? Me? No way. Besides. Travis didn't invite me. You know how much he hates me. He'll probably have me chased away from the gathering." Lily wrinkles her nose in disgust. Travis might have been next in line as the mayor's son, but he didn't respect authority; though nobody respected the monarch who was running the country now. The stories had not been told since twenty years ago when an alien attack decimated all the major cities of the world then overnight, a large island seemingly appeared in the center of the ocean. All of which seemed to be set up for each individual culture. Two thirds of the population chose to go to that continent; but Lily's group was one of the few survivor groups that had refused to step foot on a land that was strange to them. "If he does, Jen and Sally will step in. Travis is the only one who still sees you as a helpless child who can't take care of herself. Just come and enjoy yourself for once. Don't hide and hope things will get better." Elaine slaps Lily on the back, knocking her forward into the sand as a wave crashed near her and soaks her hair. "Fine. But don't expect things to go well, Elaine." Lily playfully glares at her adopted sister as she starts wringing her hair out, bits of sand on the bridge of her nose.

    At midnight when the rest of the town was asleep, Elaine and Lily snuck out of the little cottage the family had in the village center and slowly snuck toward the forest entrance. Upon getting close enough, they see a small bonfire is already started and a group of 8 other people are sitting around it. Lily bites her bottom lip and looks at the ground. "Come on." Elaine says gently and starts walking over to the group with Lily right behind her. "Good evening, ladies and gents." Elaine says in an announcer type of voice. "Laine! You're late. We were wondering if you had been-" the group looked past Elaine and noticed Lily there as she waved nervously. "Seriously, Laine? You brought the fragile flower with you? She'll rat on us when we turn our backs." a boy in his late 20s was sitting on a severed tree stump the size of a table, his astonished good looks were adored by all the teenage girls in the town and tonight, he was wearing a shirt that had a rock band symbol on it with jean shorts that had a few holes in them while his blonde hair was in a limp mohawk that hung down over his left eye. "Trav. You were the one who ratted us out when we went to the lake when we were teens. Lily was sick that night so how would she have even known where we would be and when we would get there." Elaine glared at Travis and the girl sitting next to him giggled as he got flustered. "Th-then what about when we were sneaking out to see a race at the continent! She knew about that!" Travis blurted, his face turning red but it was unclear whether it was anger or embarrassment causing him to turn such a color. "You couldn't shut up about attending the event. Your dad overheard you and we all know how that ended." Sally, a girl in her early 20s with red hair that only reached her shoulders, she wore a tank top and jean shorts smirked at him and his red face turned darker, showing it was real embarrassment. "Fine. She can stay. But don't come crying to me for forgiveness when we get found out." Travis looked away and crossed his arms. "I'm sure we can live with it, Trav." Elaine raised an eyebrow at him and put her hand on Lily's shoulder which made her jump a little. "See? Told ya." she whispered to her and Lily smiled back at her. "Excuse me; but are you kids with the group nearby?" a male voice from the darkness asked and Travis knocked over his beer while he fell of his royal stump.

    "Who the hell are you?! You're trespassing!" Travis stuttered as he stood up and regained his composure. "Oh I assure you; I'm not trespassing." the man stepped out of the dark; revealing he had short brown hair like you would see on any male teenage heartthrob singer but he was wearing a black leather vest and pants with punk boots that buckled up all the way to the top. "Our fearless leader does raise a good point. Who exactly are you." Sally doesn't move from her seat, not seeing the newcomer as a threat. "Let's just say...I came to have a talk with the mayor but I seem to have gotten lost. But I came across something....interesting." he looks sideways at Lily who hides behind Elaine. "What business do you have with my father so late at night?" Travis stepped close to the man, the beer spilled all over his shirt. "I see. So you're his successor. At least the future would be secure in your hands." the man smiles at him. "Well. At least someone knows talent when they see it." Travis smirks back at Sally then back at the man. "I'm Travis. This is my inner circle of followers." he introduces himself and the man smiles a wider grin that sends shivers up Lily's spine. "What a pleasure to meet the next in line. I don't suppose you could point me in the direction of your town." the man shakes Travis's hand. "My dad is currently busy with other affairs. But I could listen to your demands and see if there's anything further we can do for you." Travis waves his hand for the man to sit down on the stump where he had previously been sitting. "You're too kind." the man bows and takes a seat. "Actually. Your father had asked me to gather information on the monarch who is currently running our....civilization." he says with his hands clasped together. "What kind of information?" Travis raises an eyebrow at him. "Why...information that would damn the current monarch...and de-throne him of course." the man smiles up at Travis and the group sits up from where they're sitting. "De-throne him? Like....kick him out of his chair?" Travis sits down on a stump, forcing Sally to move out of the way before he sits on her. "Precisely. My understand was that your father wanted to take his place and then give you his place so there would be peace instead of all this chaos that seems to be sprouting out of nowhere." the man continues talking and the group hangs onto his every word, with Lily being the only one watching him with caution. "In fact. If you are so eager to know, there's some files in New York that could be brought to this town that would surely hasten the fall of his power and bring to rise a new ruler and his son who save the world from someone who is clearly out for blood." the man leans back and puts his hands on the stump as he watches Travis look down at his hands, seeming to be deep in thought. "New York? But that place is a ghost town. It's the very place the....Krang attacked first to show their prowess!" Jen, the girl who was sitting by Travis on the grass, her brown hair hanging slightly over her right eye as she looks at the man proposing what seemed to be a suicide mission. "This is all information I will be giving to the mayor. I'm not expecting you kids to go after it. I'm just relaying information to the next in line as he was the one who seemed interested." the man shrugged and stood up then started walking back the way he came. "Wait!" the man stopped and a wide grin was on his face even though the group couldn't see it. "Are you certain it's there? And this will bring this bloodthirsty monarch to justice?" Travis's hands seemed to be quivering as the rest of the group looked at him in shock. "Travis, you can't be serious! This is a job for the explorers! Not a bunch of young adults who haven't even left town yet!" Sally smacked Travis's arm and he turned to look at her, fire in his eyes. "Fine. Stay behind. But I'm going. I'm tired of living in fear in this village while everyone else goes behind our backs and pretends like nothing is wrong!" Travis looked back at the man. "You never did tell us your name...and how we're supposed to find the papers." Travis stepped forward a little. "Oh dear. Where are my manners these days." the man turned to look at them again and opened his eyes; behind them, Lily saw malevolent intentions in his almost black eyes as he shook hands with Travis again. "My Val." he smirked at Lily and she looked away from them, all of her instincts telling her this man was trouble, but was unable to speak up. "The building you seek is in the very center of the rubble of what remains of New York. To find the papers, go to 10th floor. You'll find a cabinet full of papers that have been perfectly preserved." Val stepped back more into the darkness and bowed politely. "Since I've relayed what I was told to gather, I must continue to my next destination. Safe travels, young ones." Val laughs quietly as he disappears into the darkness, leaving the group alone once again. The group was silent for a few minutes then Travis turned and poured a bucket of water on the small bonfire. "I'm leaving after I gather a change of clothes and traveling food. Anyone who wants to go with me, we meet back here in half an hour." Travis walked away from them and the group slowly left for their homes, Elaine and Lily turned off to go to their house by the ocean. "Elaine...are you going?" Lily looks at her sister's thinking form while she seems to be lost in thought. "Travis may be a jerk, but he's also my friend. I'm not going to let him have all the fun." Elaine smiled at her sister. "You don't have to go with me, sis. Stay here if you don't want to." Elaine goes in the house quietly to gather her things and smiles when she sees Lily come into their shared bedroom and start doing the same.
TMNT: Dark Ripples Prologue
My TMNT story seemed really outdated and....kind of I decided to start all new. Hope you guys like it. :)

I do not own TMNT. This is merely a fan story.


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